Brand Development

There are several complex parts that make up your company’s overall brand. The importance of a well-designed and thought-out brand can be the difference between a successful company, and not. FAYA understands this, and has a modern, creative, round-the-clock staff that’s ready to get to work for you.

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Our Brand Development Services

Logo Development

Visually, the most important part of your brand, is the logo. It’s a very complex process to create the right logo for you, and FAYA understands all the ways a logo can be good versus great. We will take the time to discuss, get ideas, create initial sketches, design, review, present, and then edit until we have created YOUR unique brand logo.

Content Creation

Once you have the perfect design, you’re all set, right? Not quite… There still needs to be careful thought and planning in the overall content creation and placement of that content. Everything needs to work together visually, so it speaks to your target audience, and gives your brand the credibility that can’t be gained by an aesthetic alone.

Market Collateral

The importance of Logo Development and Content Creation doesn’t end after it’s been perfected. Both can and should be applied to your market material, to tie everything together, so that audiences can start to recognize your company brand, and see a streamlined overall theme.

Digital Strategy

Our experience has revealed that complete digital strategy comes only when designers, engineers, and marketing strategists work together. FAYA is dynamic because we push the boundaries of this integration between the design, technology and marketing. We set our clients apart in the market place.

Brand Experience

When all of our ideas are put into place, the overall brand experience begins to take shape. The brand experience impacts the consumer’s satisfaction and enacts their loyalty. When people identify with your brand and are confident in your company’s image, they are willing to invest in you, the company. Let’s give em’ that experience!

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