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eCommerce has become a necessity instead of a means, to drive greater traffic. With our seasoned staff, FAYA will build you a growth oriented eCommererce site that can increase your conversion and revenue. Your site will be a storefront that operates 24/7. Our seamless integration and maneuverable backend processes will provide an optimal experience.

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Our E-Commerce Process

Stop. Strategize

We understand the importance of having the same goals and focus that you do when designing your E-commerce site. For a successful E-commerce project, we believe the most important objectives are staying focused on driving traffic to your site, increasing sales leads and converting those that would be browsing your site into real buyers.

Digital Strategy

With FAYA’s help, your business will surely start to evolve and grow. When this happens, we believe that your digital presence should grow with it! Our continually updating marketing strategies will help keep you up to date within your industry.

Brand Strategy

Branding is key for any product. With an E-commerce site it’s no exception. FAYA ensures that the customer understands what it is you do and sell in under ten seconds. Choosing proper typography, along with an appropriate color palette and styling will solidify your brand.

User Experience

We know how important it is to keep your shoppers engaged. The easier it is to filter products, to review related product suggestions, and make informed shipping option decisions, the more likely they will stay on your page to make a purchase. From product Filtering, to Related Products suggestions, to Shipping Options, We know how to keep your users engaged and to stay on your page long enough to make a purchase.

E-Commerce Design

E-Commerce is big business and has been for a long time. FAYA designs E-commerce sites with a strategic approach in mind, beyond the design element; we prioritize shoppers trust, the simplicity of use, and transparency. With FAYA’s help, your shopper will feel safe purchasing from your store, be able to easily navigate through your site, and will be able to easily identify your policies and contact information. Your E-commerce site will be a snap to buy from!

User Experience

FAYA will make sure those that visit your website have a clear idea of how to navigate the site in order to find what they need. Important elements such as a clearly visible shopping cart, keeping away clutter, and just the right amount of information on one page, are just some of the areas that we’ll concentrate on. The clearer your e-commerce site is, the less likely your buyer will be distracted, and in turn will hit that purchase button.

Handmade Illustrations

A little creativity and uniqueness can make all the difference when conveying an idea visually. FAYA will create custom-drawn illustrations that will assist in defining your brand, where words alone just won’t work.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes a handmade illustration isn’t quite enough to convey your message. FAYA’s integration of motion graphics can help explain ideas in more detail, teach the user more about an item or an idea, and create the “want” to further explore the website. This can all be done without the need or cost of producing a full-scale video.

Custom, But Systematic Development

Our developers live to code. Our ISO 9001 certified development process ensures a clean, optimized codebase that will be able to evolve and adapt as your business requirements change.

Responsive Design

The range of consumers that will visit your e-commerce site is vast, and so are the devices that they will use to get there. Cell phones and tablets are becoming the go-to gadget to grab first; in fact, statistics show that by 2017, over one fourth of e-commerce sales will be made via mobile. Users have come to expect a seamless experience no matter how they access your site. Using media queries we produce designs that know automatically what type of screen a customer is using and will adapt to perform optimally.

Security is Key

At FAYA, we understand the importance of security in the digital world. Not only on the consumer side, but to you, the client, as well. We make sure that all eCommerce sites support SSL to encrypt information that needs to remain secure. Credit card and payment information, customer addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. are all considered high-security risks, and we make every effort to make sure they remain secure, ensuring your customers that they can trust their information with you.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is a crucial part in the E-commerce process.  FAYA will strategize, organize, and then execute a plan to ensure that at end of all of these steps, your E-commerce system will be sound enough that a user can easily make a purchase without interruptions or errors.

Evaluating and Optimizing

“40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load”. FAYA will make sure you keep visitors on your website by assuring rock-solid load speed optimization. This will allow for a quick-loading website, to ensure you don’t lose any users in those crucial three seconds.

Analytics Study

It’s important to have a team that will help build your website to track and measure your success and show goals being reached; but what’s more important is to have a team that is there to review and interpret the data with you, and to know how to make changes when necessary to continue to grow and build a successful user experience. FAYA works with you, as one team, to make sure data is analyzed and adjusted as needed for success.

Ongoing Support

The job of creating a successful website does not end on the day it launches. FAYA understands that it takes maintenance, support, and monitoring to continue its success. We offer a range of services to compliment your specific needs, in order to keep you ahead of the competition.

Online Marketing

FAYA’s expert team will help pull focus to your brand, and therefore your company, through multiple facets of online marketing. We know when and how to use social media, location based marketing (users “checking-in”), advertising, banner ads, etc, to make sure you stand out from the crowd, and to keep your target audience captivated.

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