The mobile app that enables you to explore wherever you are with real-time location based marketing and the latest curated local contents & events.


Around the Corner is the new traveler’s companion guide for anyone visiting a new city. The sophisticated platform uses real-time predictive analytics to analyze user traveling patterns to deliver accurate and relevant information to users in the near vicinity. The location based marketing system will enhance the traveler’s experience by helping them easily access:

• The latest intelligence on local activities, restaurants, stores, and treasures
• Special activities/promotions/deals for users in the local vicinity
• Curated traveling guide for you to explore and experience the city like a local & much more…

The Challenge

Most marketing platforms fall short in producing relevant information to users when it matters. Lacking the sophistication to track and analyze user traveling patterns to provide customized location-based suggestions. Not only inconveniencing the user to manually perform a search and filter through the results, they also cannot provide relevant, targeted ads at the right time, at the right place.

The Problem
Lack of Real-Time Location Data

Today’s marketing platforms are unable to cater to today’s on-the-go consumer. Lacking the system sophistication to identify, track, and report a user’s location in real-time, impacting the ability to deliver relevant information using the person’s indoor and micro location.

Limited Analytics

Aggressive data mining platforms are necessary to understand user behavior, however conventional systems lack the analytics to provide basic reporting on consumer trends and preferences. Not having the right business intelligence limits your ability to target consumers and provide personalized results.

Irrelevant Ads

Irrelevant ads = SPAM. Platforms with limited search functions are time consuming and plague users with irrelevant ads. This will not only not accomplish your marketing objectives, it will most likely alienate your customer base and lower your conversion numbers.

The Solution
Location Intelligence

Around The Corner is developed with both GPS and Beacon Technology allowing brands to GeoFence a vicinity to accurately identify your indoor or outdoor location within a few feet, creating a world of opportunities for consumer engagement.

Next Level of Targeted Marketing

Around the Corner took Targeted Marketing to the next level by incorporating advanced Data Mining & Ad features. Allowing brands to understand real-time consumer behavior, and deliver messages sending push notifications with coupons, promotions or other targeted offers based on the consumer’s location.

Personalized Results = Conversion

ATC delivers personalized search results based on user profile and interest. The intuitive platform enhances user experience and increases conversion by providing value at the right place and right time.

The Result

Optimized real-time location based marketing platform

Cutting-edge Data Mining Infrastructure that allows monetization of user data

Simple & Easy-to-use platform for the local business to showcase themselves at minimal costs

Data Mining & Ad features takes consumer behavioral data and makes them into actionable business insights.

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