An innovative E-Commerce platform that was designed from the ground up with automation, integration, and sales conversion in mind.


FAYA delivers flexible, scalable e-commerce solutions designed to help you grow and succeed online. With easy supplier and workflow integration, real-time analytics, and a seamless user experience, our advanced digital platform gives businesses greater insights on what is working and what is not, help managers make quick decisions on strategies which yield greater conversion rates, sales, and overall customer engagement.

The Challenge

When it comes to creating a successful online presence, having the right e-commerce platform is crucial. Many businesses keep changing their e-commerce platforms because of lack of connectivity, inadequate workflow integration, limited metrics reports, or unfriendly user interface. FAYA’s e-commerce solutions takes care of all these pain points and allow businesses to reach its full potential.

The Problem
Manual Processes

Ecommerce platforms lacking integration will burden your operation
with manual processes. Just taking care of the daily upkeep will have
you buried in tasks. Your time will be consumed with
· Single, or even double order entry
· Constant inventory checks with suppliers
· Repeated order status and tracking info updates
· Creating reports by hand
Manual business processes will limit your organizations growth.

Lack of Analytics

Having accurate and relevant business data so you can make the right
decisions at the right time is one of the most important factors to
Most e-commerce platforms lack basic business analytics which is the
number one reason why they cannot provide meaningful business
intelligence to facilitate growth.

Limited Searchability & Unintuitive Navigation

It’s simple; if they can’t find it, they can’t buy it.
No one has the time nor the patience to search and browse through
your entire site to find what they are looking for. If it is not easy for
your customers to buy from you, they will simply go elsewhere.

System is Not Scalable

Is having too much business a problem? It can be if your e-commerce
platform cannot grow with the increasing transactions and products
you sell. Slow loading time, internal error messages, and hanging
shopping carts are not what you want when your business is taking

The Solution
Full System Integration & Automation

Our solution controls the complete end to end process for setting up your online business and automating everything in it. This includes data entry, inventory syncing, order status updates, and real-time analytics reports. By integrating your company’s workflow into the ecommerce solution we can optimize automation to a new level. Say good bye to manual labor, and hello to your business on autopilot.

Real-time Analytics with enhanced Business Intelligence

Knowledge is power. Our advanced e-commerce solutions help you understand your consumer by creating actionable business intelligence using rich data and behavior analytics to:
· Analyze click trails & buying patterns for consumer behavior
· Review UI friendliness & Navigation efficiency with Heat map technology
· Monitor shopping cart abandon rates for re-engagement
· Create powerful call to action to increase conversion rate
· And much more…

Powerful and Friendly User Interface

FAYA has taken the customer shopping experience to a new level. With simple & intuitive navigation, predictive & filtered searches, and a fast checkout process, shopping online has never been easier. Your customers will be able to get in, get out, and get on with their lives. Repeat business guaranteed.

Simple Scalable Design

Your business needs a scalable platform that has all the features you need now as well as the flexibility & robustness to adapt to whatever needs you might have in the future. From system architecture to hosting environment to security, we have you covered.

The Result

Reduced Overhead

Streamlined Operation

Improved Customer Engagement

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Increased Business Intelligence

Unlimited Adaptability

Optimized Sales Conversion

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