A smart take on a comprehensive operation software that enables you to run and grow your business from one single system.


FAYA Management System transforms your operations into a central command center, enabling you to monitor, plan, and operate your business all in one place. The solution is carefully customized to match the workflow of your organization, to provide you with the best operational efficiency and visibility into your business.

Effortlessly Manage:

  • Sales Order Entry
  • Ecommerce Stores
  • Point of Sales Systems
  • Workflow Management System
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Production
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Products Inventory
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Mobile Extensions
  • HR & more…
The Challenge

Managing a growing business can be challenging because there is not enough hours in the day to stay on top of everything. Your time is spread thin logging into different business applications just to keep up with the daily operation. Inefficient manual processes, bloated overhead, limited cooperation across different departments, minimal business application integration, no real-time analytics and the lack of a centralized business management platform will limit opportunities and bring growth to a standstill.

The Problem
Lack of System Integration

When various front and back-end business applications and systems
run separately, it can wreak havoc on the processes that are meant to
ensure your company is running smoothly. Without accurate data
from sales, inventory management may suffer, while not having the
latest information from accounting can trigger a ripple effect on
everything from marketing budgets to payroll.

Limited Reporting

If someone asked you what your average sales margin is, how long
would it take you to find out? What about other key performance
metrics like conversion rates or production efficiency? For companies
that rely on spreadsheets that need to be constantly updated by hand,
it could be a long wait.

Cookie Cutter Systems

No two businesses in the world are exactly the same. Why would you
expect the exact same system and workflow would work for both?
Trying to fit your operation into a predefined box means
compromises, just like how a square peg will never fit into a round hole.

The Solution
Fully Integrated Platform

FAYA Management System integrates your organization's entire operation workflow into one system. Easily manage sales, suppliers, production, CRM, WMS, HR and more from one single place. Our automated platform will dramatically improve your operation processes. Expand your business through efficiency.

Real-time Business Intelligence

When you have real-time, accurate, and relevant data on key performance metrics from every aspects of your operation integrated to create reports with real business insights, running a company can be a beautifial thing. Always have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

Complete Custom Solution

We understand every business is unique and has its own set of challenges, which is why the FAYA Management System can be customized to fit your operation and workflow. You will be able to do the things you need to do, the way you want to do it.

The Result

Increased growth without additional labour resources

Reduced overhead

Improved business transparency

Optimized operational efficiency

Maximized growth potential

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