Artificial Intelligence – The First Step

Streamed live on 03/05/2017 5:00 pm

FAYA:80 hits the floor again with one of the most driving technologies of the future – Artificial Intelligence. The last decade was dedicated to building a ‘mobile-first’ world where smartphones took control over the advancements in technology and lifestyle. Lately there has been a dramatic change in the course of action. The big shots of technology have set their sail to build an ‘AI First’ world to unlock capabilities that were unthinkable a few years ago and build a future twice as good. Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Facebook Spaces and Tesla’s self-driving cars stands testimony to this technology shake-up.
This technology ‘Renovation’ has already begun and will be in its full swing in the next 3-4 years. Only the people who are equipped to face this technology make-over can bypass the capabilities of AI Powered systems and stay relevant in the AI – powered world.
The 48th edition of FAYA:80 provides a platform for the technology enthusiasts to capture ideas on the evolution of AI, its emerging areas & intelligent applications and hence speed up their learning curves to stay ahead in the race of technology. The session will be equally beneficial for System Administrators, Developers, Testers and the top level Technical and Non- Technical Managers.
Join us for the session to explore more.

Topics Covered:

Basic Concepts
Evolution of AI
Intelligent Applications
Emerging Areas

Techbites (Speaker: Arunima S Kumar, FAYA)
Artificial Intelligence – The First Step (Speaker: Suchit Majumdar, UpX Academy)

Suchit Majumdar

Chief Data Science Evangelist

A Machine Learning & IoT expert, Suchit has been instrumental in setting up Big Data Analytics practices for the AP government’s Smart Cities mission. He assists top management in using advanced analytics to build core strategies around data. Currently, he is heading the products division at UpX Academy and helps companies and professionals realize the value of advance technologies in the growth of business and personal lives.

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