Fuel Up JavaScript with Functional Programming

Streamed live on 01/03/2017 5:00 pm

JavaScript is the lingua franca of web development for over a decade. It has evolved tremendously along with the Web and has entrenched in modern browsers, complex Web applications, mobile development, server-side programming, and in emerging platforms like the Internet of Things.

Eventhough JavaScript has come a long way, a reinforced makeover to it will help build concurrent and massive systems that handle Big Data, IoT peripherals and many other complex eco systems. Functional Programming is the programming paradigm that could empower JavaScript to to enable more effective, robust, and flexible software development.

These days, Functional Programming is at the heart of every new generation programming technologies. The inclusion of Functional Programming in JavaScript will lead to advanced and futuristic systems.

The need of the hour is to unwrap the underlying concepts and its implementation in the software development process.

The 46th edition of FAYA:80 provides a unique opportunity for the JavaScript developers and technology enthusiasts to shed light on the functional programming paradigm and on writing efficient functional code in JavaScript.
Join us for the session to know more.

Topics Covered:

Functional Programming Core Concepts
Function Compositions & Pipelines
Use of JS in Functional Programming
Techniques for Functional Coding in JS
Live Demo


Techbites (Speaker: Jeen P. Xavier, FAYA)
Fuel Up JavaScript with Functional Programming (Speaker: Shine Xavier, UST Global)

Shine Xavier

Senior Architect

He is a core software engineering practitioner with extreme passion for designing/building software solutions, application frameworks and accelerators that helps maintain productivity and quality. His areas of interest include Functional Programming, Interpreters, JavaScript Library Development, Visual Programming, Algorithms, Enterprise Mobility, IoT and Machine Learning. Besides being the author of YieldJS and SlangJS, he is also the co-author of the book titled “.NET Design Patterns” by PACKT publishing.

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